The Chargers officially have a new franchise player: Joey Bosa is on a record setting pace

Franchise players are a necessity for every NFL team, and they don't come around often. They require a rare combination of on field skill and persona/marketability to make them household names. The Chargers have had at least two for the past decade, with Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers being team staples since the early 2000's. Gates is 37 and almost certainly playing his final season and Rivers is 35, so the need for a new young player to step up and become a face of the franchise has been clear for a while.

The Chargers look like they successfully found that player last April when they selected Joey Bosa with the number three overall pick. The summer of 2016 was a headache, as the Chargers decided to play hardball and struggled to get him signed, but Bosa has been a force on the field and a great representative of the team ever since he debuted.

Bosa finished his rookie year with 10.5 sacks in just 12 games and recently became the first player in NFL history to have 19 sacks in his first 20 games. Bosa has drawn rave reviews from just about everyone he's gone up against, including Bill Belichick, and combined with Melvin Ingram makes up what is possibly the best pass-rushing duo in the league.

He's already been helping the team in ways that might not be apparent at first glance. Gus Bradley has said that part of the reason he took the job as Chargers defensive coordinator is because Bosa is on the roster. He draws an insane amount of attention from opposing offenses who scheme up new ways to slow him down, and as such opens things up for other guys like Chris McCain, who already has five sacks this year.

The Chargers have clearly sought to make him the new potential face of the franchise, frequently promoting him on social media. He also was sent with Philip Rivers while still a rookie last year to appear on Jimmy Kimmel. You can watch that appearance here.

It's still early, but Bosa clearly has the makings of a truly generational player. He makes plays that most others simply cannot. Here are a couple of my favorite of his so far this year:

Here he hurdles a fallen offensive linemen in order to pursue the running back and stuff the run.

Here he starts to slip but still regains his footing and is able to toss aside the right tackle Menelik Watson and sack Trevor Siemian.


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