Same Old, Same Old: Chargers lose yet another heartbreaker

The field goal was blocked cleanly. But in a sign of what type of day it was for the Chargers, it deflected in anyway and they fell to the Jaguars 20-17 in overtime.

A 50-yard fake punt touchdown allowed was the lowlight of the first half and there were a number of crucial mistakes made in the final minute. First, Tre Boston seemed to think he had sealed the game when he picked off Blake Bortles with just over a minute left. He started celebrating and walked out of bounds with the ball raised high in the air. The game was far from over as Jacksonville had all three of their timeouts left, but Boston didn't try and return the interception. If Boston had tried to return it he likely would've gotten a decent amount of yards and the field position would've been much improved.

With the better field position, Drew Kaser's punt would've gone a lot further and the Jaguars wouldn't have started their game-tying drive around mid-field.

The next critical error was Joey Bosa's roughing the passer penalty on the final drive of regulation. It didn't seem particularly egregious and in my opinion was the wrong call, but still Bosa has to be extremely careful in that situation and can't do anything even resembling roughing the passer. He's had several personal fouls this season and has to clean up the mental errors.

Then, on Philip Rivers' game-losing interception, Benjamin has to be more aware. Rivers doesn't deserve all of the blame here. Rivers essentially just chucked the ball up in the air, thinking that worst case scenario it would be an arm-punt. Not only did Benjamin let A.J. Bouye rip the ball away from him, he then didn't tackle him. If Benjamin doesn't hesitate and just tackles Bouye, Rivers' interception winds up as essentially a pretty good punt, exactly as he had planned.

The game had some bright spots, Denzel Perryman looked great in his return and the run defense overall was much improved. It was so good that it forced the Jaguars to completely abandon the run, throwing 15 straight times at one point.

The offense actually looked decent considering they were going up against the best defense in the league. After an abysmal start, Rivers and the offense looked pretty good the rest of the way. Austin Ekeler finally had his long overdue coming out party, and will hopefully get more playing time moving forward.

Overall, since the AFC is so wide-open, the Chargers' playoff hopes are still very much alive. It was a heartbreaking loss but there are some positives to take away. If they can avoid getting too discouraged, the Chargers have a very good bounce-back opportunity next week at home against the Bills.


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