Bill Belichick really likes the Chargers

Bill Belichick is perhaps the greatest football mind of all time. That's why it must've been nice for the Chargers and their fans to hear the way he gushed about the team's players and their future. The notoriously tight-lipped Belichick was surprisingly open and long winded about his respect and admiration for Philip Rivers and other Chargers players.

While speaking to reporters on Wenesday, Belichick compared Rivers to his own quarterback, Tom Brady, and another all-time great Peyton Manning, saying about Rivers "He's a real football guy, like Tom, like Peyton, guys like that. They're deep, deep into it." He didn't stop there, going on to say "I have a lot of respect for him. He's a big, strong guy, too. A lot of people can be hanging on him, draped all over him, and he's still strong enough to stand in there and throw the ball, and throw it accurately."

Rivers wasn't the only Chargers player that Belichick heaped praise on. He also raved about emerging star Joey Bosa and his high motor saying, "He plays really hard. Every play he's all out. He makes plays from the back side, chase. Outstanding pass rusher. He's got good strength but he's got good quickness and he knows how to use both of them. If you are over-aggressive on him, he's quick enough to get by you. If you sit back, then he is explosive enough to power the blockers into the quarterback or into the backfield."

Bosa already has 7.5 sacks this season and together will Melvin Ingram will hope to disturb Tom Brady's timing and rhythm come Sunday. Clearly Belichick is worried about the chaos that the duo might bring to the game and will be doing everything he can to slow them down.

He also talked a lot about the team as a whole and how he views them as a team that's been very underrated, declaring "This is a real impressive team to watch... it really looks like they've hit their stride in a lot of areas... they really challenge you in the running game and then they have a very explosive passing game down the field." 

If Belichick's words are any indication, the Patriots are not taking the Chargers lightly despite being installed as seven point favorites by Vegas. This kind of effusive praise from Belichick is rare and shows the deep respect he has for the team. Regardless of the outcome this Sunday, the fact that the best coach in the entire league fears the Chargers this much is a very good sign moving forward.


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